Would a robot make a better PM than a human?

Would a robot make a better PM than a human?

The competition between humans and robotics has reached new heights, as research has now revealed that 27% of people believe an algorithm would make a better national leader than a human.

A survey polled 1,000 citizens and found that 40% predict AI will enter government within the next five years. Moreover, 27% of Australians believe AI would make better decisions than elected government representatives, according to the research by OpenText.

This is based on the belief that technologies can help to change the speed, reliability and quality of government outcomes, and can assist in a more robust public service to help meet citizens’ needs.

The respondents also recognized the value of intelligent automation in reducing waiting times, admin and errors within the public sector. Consequently, the majority (56%) are convinced that the Government will work with robots within 10 years.

Despite their evident enthusiasm for HR Tech, just one in ten worried that their job could be replaced by a robot – whilst 56% said they are confident their careers would never be automated.

“AI technology is here to stay,” added Mike Lord, VP Australia and New Zealand at OpenText. “Businesses are turning to digital transformation, healthcare organizations are embracing medical technology innovations and, as a result, AI is filtering into every aspect of our lives.

“By performing more menial, repetitive tasks, automation and robotics allow us to be more efficient and save time.

“Sci-fi movies tend to distort the consequences of AI technology. It’s time to stop viewing AI as an existential threat to our livelihoods and our health. AI will transform the workplace, as menial tasks are digitized through robotics and process automation, but AI will never replace people. The true value of AI lies in its ability to work alongside humans to relieve work pressure, but also in the health system, with the goal of bringing comfort to everyday life.”

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