Why your employees want a robot CEO

Why your employees want a robot CEO

Would a robot make a better boss than humans?

More than a third of workers seem to think so, according to a survey on workplace automation from business software firm Advanced.

Moreover, 65% of respondents said they would welcome working alongside robots if it would help reduce repetitive, manual tasks.

But even as human employees seem open to having automated co-workers around, getting a horrible boss replaced by a robot may, however, take some time.

“While robots are unlikely to take on the job of a decision maker – the reality is that they are simply not yet suited to such complex tasks and will instead work side-by-side with humans – our findings suggest that employees are dissatisfied with their current leadership, want to get rid of arbitrary decision making and are starting to challenge the norms,” said Gordon Wilson, CEO of Advanced.

Wilson explained that disruptive technology offers organizations a new way to look at all aspects of the business.

“Leaders need to step up, to provide the clear direction that people need and take charge of the intense technology change happening as a result of the digital era.”

British companies have begun adopting automation in the workplace, with as many as 72% having already made the switch albeit mostly for basic services.

People are also becoming more keen on using AI, with 35% of respondents hoping the technology could be incorporated into their daily work.

Another 32% said they want to use AI for business intelligence, while 31% said they need it to conduct predictive analytics.