Will technology replace recruiters?

Will technology replace recruiters?

Albert Einstein once said: “I fear the day when the technology overlaps with our humanity. The world will only have a generation of idiots.”

A stark reminder for HR leaders who seek to use technology as some sort of golden answer to all their organisational woes. Technology is, as ever, an incredibly helpful tool in the workforce – but we should never consider it as a replacement to that all-important human touch.

Technology is there to facilitate the recruitment process – not redefine it. A recent report from GetApp found that 86% of recruiters say that using ATS (applicant tracking systems) has helped them to hire candidates faster. Not only that, but AI recruitment is no eliminating bias from the interview process entirely – with firms like Knockri using technology to cut out any interviewer prejudice

As employers seek to implement more technology into the recruitment processes, we asked Julie Hubert, CEO of Workland and speaker at 2018’s HR Tech Summit Toronto, how employers can keep the human touch in recruitment.

“Employees and employers will naturally keep their human touch, because there’ll always be a human component to managing talent and recruiting that cannot be replaced by technology,” she explained.

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“Ultimately, the goal of technology is to help that human touch to be more present and to have more impact. So as technology deals with the transactional processes within HR, essentially the non-creative portion, this allows humans to have more time to spend.

“Technology is there to help us do a better job on the human front.”