HR must deliver on transformation - Are you equipped?

HR must deliver on transformation - Are you equipped?

HR is central to digital transformation, however very few HR leaders are heading this process. Why?

According to a new IDC report by SAP SuccessFactors, the answer comes down to the traditional perception that HR professionals are less strategic and that their department lacks the necessary skills or leverage within the business.

Indeed, HR professionals cannot afford to be simply the “process and policy driven section of the business”. Instead, HR must be central to the business and demand a seat at the table.

The report outlines the role of HR and key leaders in driving digital transformation and offers comprehensive insights and actionable advice around empowering change.

It identifies that the number one barrier to successful digital transformation is people, as organisations do not have enough staff with digital skills.

Digital transformation refers to the application of digital technologies to fundamentally impact all aspects of business and society as a whole.

Consequently, transformation of the workforce, and the way it is utilised, managed, and improved, is a central feature of this process.

In addition to everyday tasks and managing a team, many HR professionals will be tasked with keeping pace and delivering change.

Among the other interesting findings in the report are that only 17% of organisations have talent management and HR systems integrated.

This is particularly concerning given that 85% of organisations have already undergone or started digital transformation projects.

Moreover, only 16% of organisations have collaborative, agile and adaptive work methods in place, while just 8% have self-organising teams.

The report also argues that behind every technology, innovation and organisational change there are people.

The more talented these people are and the more relevant their skills are to the task at hand, the more successful the digital transformation will be.

The report also includes:

  • The top four barriers to digital transformation and how HR can overcome them
  • Why HR must shift toward strategic management of talent and performance
  • Five major trends to follow and initiatives for HR to take