Revealed: Top HR analytics courses

Revealed: Top HR analytics courses

People analytics is fast becoming the most important discipline to have emerged in the era of data-driven HR. Like all forms of research, it begins with a question, follows a framework, and proceeds with an investigation.

But the application of analytics in HR doesn’t just focus on problems of the workforce. Leaders in the field, from David Green to Arun Chidambaram, will tell people analytics practitioners to explore events and issues that influence the business as a whole – not just the realm of HR.

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Organizations that are serious about innovation are choosing to take this holistic approach, and they are empowering all of their teams with a foundational knowledge of data and analytics.

How can HR professionals begin their journey toward people analytics proficiency? HR Tech News has compiled the best courses to help you:

Cornell University
Cornell’s online course is a two-week program that not only tackles the essentials of HR analytics but also teaches learners how to evaluate data using frameworks, “apply rigorous measurement and analysis techniques,” and predict patterns and trends. The course includes a subject on “Valuing HR Initiatives,” which will train participants on how to conduct ROI analyses of HR programs.

Wharton’s ‘HR Transformation through Data’
Opening in April 2020, the people analytics program at Wharton’s Aresty Institute of Executive Education uncovers how global organizations employ analytics to solve business challenges. The course is unique in its examination of real-world data and best practices of industry leaders. The four-day on-site program includes lectures, case studies, exercises, a panel discussion and a hands-on project.

The online academy offers an introductory course led by industry heavyweights David Green and Jonathan Ferrar. Designed for new learners, the program looks at the wider context and business value of HR analytics.